5 weeks left

Wow, it’s already the end of week one.

Normally, this would be a statement that incites panic. But this year, I feel different. It’s only been a week and I feel like we’ve accomplished so much! We have a functioning shooter/feeder mounted onto a practice base, several plans for award submissions, and lots of other great things going on.

When I walked into the lab this morning, I found a bunch of kids standing around working with a huge circular plywood piece and a leaf blower. The circular plywood wasn’t out of the ordinary as we are planning a circular base. But… a leaf blower? Well, it was actually to build a hover craft.

That’s right. No wheels. A hovercraft.

Got’cha. (As Priyank would say. And I have to mention Priyank because he doesn’t want to be mentioned in the blog.) It was not for the robot. It was for a 5th grader’s science fair project. Pretty cool and hopefully a future Ninjineer.

But anyway, the rest of the day went great. We built a circular base with a 34″ diameter and a 24″ square inside. Then we mounted the shooter onto the base with a 1/2″ rod.



As Cody is demonstrating, the robot could be it’s own cart when flipped upside down.

We did a lot of shooting practice with this today, and added a pneumatic piston to pop the ball into the shooter wheels. Check that out in this short video:

In other news, Gooby put together a camera mount with servos. He also worked more on the can crushing device with solar panels from Vish. The panels can provide about 80% power, but not enough for the compressor. Hopefully we can get that out during lunches next week at school, and we’ll post some pictures here.





And that’s about all for today. It was a great day! Saturdays in the shop are always great, as we tend to get a lot done and have a lot of fun. The season is progressing along well, and at the end of week one, I’m extremely impressed with what everyone has done. Hopefully we’ll have a working prototype and a lot more to write about by this time next week.


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