Almost there!!

For most high school students in the United States, these two weeks are just winter break. They’re a time to sleep in and enjoy some much needed R&R- and, of course, avoid speaking of the quickly approaching second semester.

But not for us brave, pioneering FRCites! We wait with bated breath, scrolling up and down Chief Delphi in every spare moment, scouring game hints, connecting nonexistent dots, and anticipating the day that will define our lives for the next six weeks- who am I kidding?- the next year! 😀 And that moment is almost here…

Fear not, fellow Roboticists (yep, it’s a word), for kickoff is only a few short days away. And this year, since CD has hit solid lead with our game hint (if you haven’t heard, check it out here: maybe we’ll have some high fives and knowing winks along with the cheers accompanying our kickoff broadcast.

Hang in there! It’s almost here 🙂


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