An Inside Look at Management (And PR! Wombo combo.)

Build season is in full swing, and our robot is coming together. Maybe, just maybe, we might have a functioning robot by this Saturday for our open house presentation. But just to make this post a little unique today, I’m gonna tell you about the part of robotics that most people generally gloss over; management. This is the one job in robotics that  has to be done 100% correctly every single time. Why is this, you might ask? Well, at every competition the management team is responsible for the teams essential needs which at their most basic level. For example, several officers and directors are hard at work planning the logistics of our trip to the New York City regional. Every hour of the day, team members know where they need to be, what they should be doing, and need to stay informed. Team management also deals with the money the club makes, and make sure that each sale of a team shirt or jacket is recorded.

Another department that I feel doesn’t get enough love is Public Relations. The Ninjineers’ PR team does what most PR people in most companies doe: we connect with the public. We are tasked with being the face of the Ninjineers, and spreading our team image throughout FRC. Once known as the Florida team with all the spirit awards, we are now a Florida powerhouse with robotics talent and a recognizable brand. Our connections with teams throughout FRC were strengthened when I gave every team in our division at Worlds an official Ninjineers plush doll. Talking to teams from Australia and Mexico was super cool. There’s a weird sense of joy in knowing that a team will remember our name, and more importantly, who we are. Public relations is also very big on media, especially social media. Our twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts can all be viewed with the links on this website. We even post shout-outs about of FIRST Lego League team, which is run by Aaron, member of PR, and Sid, member of Team Management. A lot of our photos are the work of Lexie, our awesome media officer. With a steady hand and a really good camera, she manages to capture the energy of our team at competitions and during build season. And without the hard work of Sherlyn, we wouldn’t have dedicated sponsors who supply us with supplies, parts, and funds.


–  Jonathan Mirchandani and Lexi Fleury

Director of Team Management and Director of Public Relations


bonus: A wild Anurag in his natural habitat.

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