Wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Even though each individual day of build season feels long, the season as a whole has flown by. I can’t believe it’s over already! And I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved.

Last night, in classic last-minute ninjineer style, we put on our swerve drive, drove it, and successfully tested almost every robot function before we bagged and tagged and sealed it off until Orlando. Last night, we successfully sealed up the fruit of 6 weeks of hard labor (yeah, start emotionally preparing yourself for our soon-to-be-realeased GLORIOUS reveal video :D), and with it, sealed shut arguably the most successful, passionate, and groundbreaking year in Ninjineer history. This year, we didn’t just break boundaries- we laughed in their faces, and showed that a team with big goals and a lot of commitment really could make an overnight transformation into a role model FIRST entity.


(Here’s a little break from the mushy-gushy with a lovely pic of our devilishly handsome robot. Look at him blush ;D)

But honestly, I couldn’t be more proud to be a Ninjineer than I am at this moment. We submitted for every award except 3D printing (lolz), machined and programmed an ENTIRELY new drive train using photographs and CADs for reference, and had overwhelming participation compared to past years. In my opinion, this season is already a fantastic success, regardless of competition results (watch out XD).

Thank you so much every to every single person reading this right now!! This has been an incredible journey for me and the rest of the team, and I’ve had a fabulous time sharing it with you. Your responses honestly make our days, and we gather a lot of pride from our newfound presence in the robotics community. I can only hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Finally finally (I’m sure this time :D), I know competition season is just beginning, but to all of my precious seniors: You are a part of my family, our Ninjineer family, and the FIRST family. It hurts to think about doing this again without you, but for now, I’d like to thank you profusely for the late night jokes, hard work, expertise, and brilliance that you bring to the team every single day. You lead and define us, and it’s because of your efforts that our team has been able to grow so much.


(When we start knocking on midnight still at school…. I present to you PiggyBrian. :D)

I love you all!! I’ll be in touch <3


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