Today I spent four hours trying to CNC plates for the swerve drive. Oh, the joy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done with that.

We kind of have a shortage of bits, so we first ended up breaking a few bits. Then toward the end I actually made some legitimate progress! I should be able to finish that up early tomorrow (I hope).

But, a lot of other things were going on too! Massimo welded mounting holes for the swerve plates onto the base. Also the mechanics did more work on the uprights in the back of the robot to mount the aluminum plate.

The programmers had an instructional session on LabView, led by their fearless leader, Ricky.

The spirit department has an awesome t-shirt design, thanks to Claire, and they edited that a bit today. Business also continued working hard on the business plan.

So, yeah. Sorry that I don’t have much content today. It was just one of those days where things are pretty slow. Plus I was in the corner all day trying to work on the CNC…. But, I still enjoyed the day! I actually made the most progress in my work while chatting with Mayuri, Sneha, Damian, and Adam. Sometimes you just have to remember to relax, and enjoy the time with your teammates in the shop. It’s a long season, and there is a lot to do, but none of it is worth it if you don’t enjoy the time.


Okay, enough cliché. Mayuri had too much homework to write tonight, so I stole the blog back. (I secretly like to write here!)






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