I wanted strawberry….

I finally went to Chik-fil-a with Damian today. He has been bothering me the entire week to go and get shakes, and we finally went. I ordered a strawberry shake, but the cashier gave me vanilla… I was really confused for the first few seconds, but whatever, I enjoyed my vanilla.

Anyway, today was a long day, as we had no school. The morning went by kind of slowly and I feel like there wasn’t much that got done. But, in the afternoon we accomplished a lot.

We made the mounting system for the electrical board. For now it is just a piece of plywood that lays in the belly of the robot. It mounts with four wing nuts to two cross bars underneath. Hopefully tomorrow Andrey can layout the components on the board. There were some discrepancies with Cody as to the top and front…


A lot of parts came in the mail around lunchtime. We got our initial parts for the swerve drive, and our free pneumatic cylinders from the kit of parts from Bimba! We got to work and attached a 3/4″ bore, 8″ stroke piston to the bottom of the shooter in order to push the ball into the shooter wheels. We put attached it with some wire clamps that happened to fit on perfectly, and L-brackets to the shooter frame.


With this in place, we were able to do our first legitimate testing! We marked 7 feet and 10 feet on the wall (the approximate height of the top goal), and were able to make almost every shot with surprising accuracy. The shooter is looking really great. Tomorrow we might develop a system for different aiming.


Also, Ricky has been working hard on the programming and got most of our sensors set up! He showed us how it all worked on a cool simulation, and it really worked out great.


Ryan was off campus today, and started initial talks with a machine shop about making some parts for our swerve modules. Hopefully that sponsorship works out.

Hopefully tomorrow we can also make a full-scale defensive prototype too.

Mayuri is still sick, I guess.

I can’t believe it is practically the end of week 2! We have done so much, but have a lot more to accomplish.


Clean up!

Today is Friday for us (basically), since there is no school tomorrow! Most kids spent the afternoon cleaning the shop. We are mostly waiting for part orders to come in, and we needed to clean up our mess. And our mess is basically the entire shop… So, I’m really glad that we got things clean today!

After that, and a pizza dinner provided by Sneha, we started to think about our defensive mechanism. This is one thing that we really have not discussed, but it would be a valuable asset in the game.

The rules require any extension above 60″ off the floor to able to be contained in a 6″ vertical cylinder. This doesn’t offer any room for complex swinging arms or anything like that.

So, right now we have some great ideas around this, and even made a prototype. Hopefully we can get something onto the robot tomorrow. Here’s a photo acting out some defensive strategies:


We’ll be meeting from 9-5 tomorrow and Saturday during the long weekend. Stay tuned for any info on a Monday meeting.

Mayuri is still sick. Bronchitis. So, hopefully you like my writing by now.



Crushing Cans

The Can Crusher finally went live today! We were featured on the morning announcements by Aaron. Be sure to check out the WAHS News segment here, beginning at about 5:48. We had a nice crowd around the machine at lunch. Be sure to check it out tomorrow! The machine collects the tabs from soda cans for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and then crushes the cans for recycling. It was a great project for pneumatics practice and our Chairman’s Award entry.
Today we continued to work on our catcher (with no balls in the canal), and devised a better system to slow a caught ball into our shooter.


We also finished the rotation for the shooter. We did not have a gearbox for our Andymark motor, so we ended up adapting a CIM gearbox to the motor. We drilled a hole into a smaller bore gear, then saw a key slot inside. With this secured we attached the Andymark bracket to the CIM gearbox using two 2″ 10-24 screws. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your resources, especially in prototyping!

And then we had a fire drill. Or maybe it wasn’t a drill, since a fire truck showed up. There was no damage to anything actually, and I think it was just an alarm in the AC system in the ceiling. Oh well. Here’s a selfie (groupie actually) from the Quad when we had to leave the lab.


And Kevin made us S’Mores with the heat gun. That was interesting.


And Amy’s mom brought her new dog Elmo in the car. It’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and its’ legs are disproportionately small compared to its’ body. In my opinion, at least.

Mayuri was back at school today, but did not stay for robotics. Maybe tomorrow she can write again!