Still Day 1? 😀

Wow, day one of build season and we’re already in full swing!

I walked into the lab after school today to find it filled with members and buckets of Legos on the tables. Who ever said brainstorming couldn’t be fun? 🙂 We spent most of the afternoon elbow deep in legos, bent wires, and small pieces of tubing to create visuals of our ideas. Then we shared and evaluated our (Mark 1 :P) models. Here is the result:


Not too shabby, huh? 😛

We also picked one of them and created a rough wooden model of the shooter/retrieval mechanism- a simple set of wheels on the ends of a wooden frame, with a cloth housing. The ball is pulled in and ejected by the wheels, and rests on the cloth, which could theoretically double as a catapult. Then, we tested it out:

1-6-14 (2)

With VERY encouraging success, if I may say so myself.

On the management end, we almost have a complete game manual summary, and Chairman’s timeline, and programming is working on updating their knowledge with Java and new vision sighting capabilities available with LabView. Here is a nice boy hard at work “behind the scenes”:

1-6-14 (3)

So, I’d say we’re off to a pretty fantastic start! Go ninja go!!!!





Wow, so yesterday was a pretty crazy day.

I mean, it started by driving a car of 5 teenage boys up I-95 to the local kickoff. Oh, and there was apparently a spider in the car too which freaked out Ryan as he was reading the car’s manual (don’t ask). Then we had to go to three high schools in the area to find the right one. But, we made it!

And then we saw this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition. Wow. So, Aerial Assist will be the game that overtakes our lives for the next 4 months. Here’s the game animation:

Honestly, my first reaction to the game was a blank mind. No great ideas popped into my mind, and I barely understood all the scoring possibilities for a while. But, we had a great session at school that was half-brainstorming, half-running around in the gym with a giant exercise ball. I’m grasping the game a lot more now and the ideas are flowing. I’m extremely excited for this year’s game and all the strategy it will involve. This is my last year and I want to help take this team all the way. We’ve been on the brink of greatness for a few years, and I know we will push through this year.

Follow the journey here.





So it’s here and it happened and we know OMG.

Talk about new! FRC went for a totally new twist this year with heavy emphasis on cooperation and passing. Rather than the usual many tries we only have a few, with only a single ball in play at a time. It’s a little crazy.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I am REALLY pumped about this year’s game. On the strategic game play level, it’s really going to stretch us to the limit. Brainstorming was surprisingly productive, and I’m really excited by the overwhelming enthusiasm and flood of ideas in today’s event. I hope everyone enjoyed kickoff and is ready to go- let’s hit the ground running. I can’t wait to spend the next six weeks with my team (GO ninja GO!) and I hope you are all ready for our best season yet!

May the FIRST be with you! (Oh god so lame…)