2014 Orlando Regional

First off, congratulations to teams 180, 1592, and 4901 on their regional win at Orlando! Those teams performed extremely well throughout the competition, and deserved their victory.

Unfortunately, we were not among the winning alliance, nor did we make it past the qualification round of the competition. It was a rough weekend for our robot, and frankly I was not expecting the intensity of this game in every match. Defense is a huge factor, like no other game before. Each match was a very rough atmosphere, making it difficult to get that perfect shot off. We got off to a hot start by winning our first two matches, but then underperformed the rest of the weekend.

But from this competition, we have to keep our heads high. It did not go like any of us expected, but we were able to see our flaws and we will learn from them in the future. We will be competing again in Virginia this weekend, and we are determined to succeed.


Besides the matches, this year’s Orlando regional was a lot of fun. We had some new faces like team 624, CRyptonite, who I was “fangirling” (as Jeni puts it) over all weekend. And we had stellar performances by a lot of old Florida teams, like 180 and 233.

We also won our 4th ever Regional Spirit Award!!! When presenting the award, the announcer quoted one of our team members speaking to the judges. This student said that “Robots aren’t just for engineers.” One of our greatest methods of growth has been spirit. When I started on the team, we were a small group of about 20 students. That year we won our first spirit award. We started to become more of a family, and we progressed as a team. Now we are a competitive force of over 100 students from all different backgrounds. We are the Ninjineers, and we won’t be going down without a fight this year. Go ninja go!



I want that banner…

Wow, we are just over one week away from our first competition of the year! Next Wednesday after school, we’ll be on our way to UCF for the Orlando Regional.

Although the robot has been bagged for a while now, we are still hard at work preparing for our competitions.

This week we finished the practice robot in order to practice. We have a new set of swerve, a better shooter, and an improved defensive pole. We hope to install some of this on the real robot once we get to competition.

This week we also submitted for the Media & Technology Innovation Award. Special thanks to Damian for his hard work on that. I’m really excited for that award, and I think we actually have a shot.

We have been practicing for a few days, and have run into some problems, but I’m trying to remain optimistic as we continue to prepare. This is our year, I can feel it. It’s time to really go big or go home. We’ll see you in Orlando. Follow along here for nightly recaps and on our Twitter (@team2383) for up-to-the-minute action.



Wait, build season’s over?

So build season has ended, and we’ve bagged our robot.. but our work is far from complete.

On Wednesday, we discussed our options and goals for competition, and basically decided to do everything again :P. First, we need to complete our second robot by installing swerve modules on it. We’d also like to experiment a little with the shooter to see if we can achieve more power by moving the arms closer together, so we’re planning on trying that as well.


Of course all of this means Brian is back at the CNC which he is thrilled about XD. But he compensated by taking Damian to Chick-fil-a without Sneha for the third time :P.

Also, since competitions are quickly approaching (WOOOO), we have a lot to accomplish on the management end. After a stressful few days, we have our hotels, so no tents for the Ninjineers, thankfully. Pre-competition scouting is also underway, and we’re hoping to design a really user-friendly scouting sheet this year.

Ok, so lots of info, and more long hours! 😀


Today was super productive, with a lot of progress in all areas :). We’re only waiting on the CNC plates to complete the swerve modules for the second robot, so those should be done by Monday! Programming had a breakthrough with vision sensing by making a really simple adjustment- moving the lens. We created a form for pre-competition scouting and went through all of the Orlando teams to see what information we could gather. All of the robots look fantastic, and all I really want to do is sit around and watch reveal videos all day :D.


Damian was MVP today :P. Don’t he and Jonathan make fabulous goals? 😀

Finally, we had a really nice brainstorming session talking about different strategies to employ and how to use our strengths to our advantage. I’m honestly so so pumped for this season and can’t wait for Orlando Regional… I feel so prepared in every arena and can’t wait for a fantastic season!


I hope you enjoyed our reveal! We’re really proud of our robot and can’t thank all of you enough for all of your support and guidance along the way!