Tick tock…

Time is running out!

That date sometime in the future is a little over a week away!! WHAT?!

Progress on swerve has picked up speed on the mechanical side. Tommy’s out this week with his real job and stuff, so Brian and Cody have taken charge of machining. They’re doing a pretty awesome job with their newfound expertise, and when swerve is finally installed, it will be thanks to them. So thanks!


Also, a younger group of students are really stepping it up and taking tremendous initiative. Some of them even completed the final version of the defense mechanism today! Here’s a late picture of the supporting spring:


Programming is hitting some roadblocks with swerve. Apparently, Ricky and Gooby had some miscommunication regarding the wiring, and although he can establish connection, the code won’t move the robot. 🙁 Hopefully we can get that straightened out tomorrow.

I actually remembered my personal blog exists last night, so I wrote in that one as well… Maybe I should charge by the hour. 😉

Awards continue to make progress. Chairman’s essay has luckily received the Brian stamp of approval, but the executive summary and entrepreneurship award still have a long way to go. And we legitimately only have a week left. #letsdothis

Finally, Marcus from WAHS (and also in engineering) has been gracious enough to give us a hand with Chairman’s video submission. So he and our brilliant media man Zach C. are collaborating and editing together. We’re continuously having interviews and selecting relevant clips, so hopefully that’ll come together well!

(seriously, look how cool this picture is- Zach is the man :D)


Good luck to all Broward Science Fair participants this Friday! I know it’s not really relevant but I’m stressing, and there have to be some others who are as well… XD Wish me luck!



The final robot is coming together nicely! It really is great. Today we finished the shooter arms on the CNC, and started with the shafts for the shooter wheels. Swerve is also coming along well, and should be finished when we get some more parts from Tommy. Check it out.







I am really satisfied with the effort that everyone is putting in. Everything is really coming together well.

Today I was in the Team Management room for the first time. Actually, I went to the quiet lab to work with Damian on the Media & Technology Award. I am really excited for this award because of our great website and social media accounts. We have a lot of little edits and things to do.

The other award submissions are coming along great. Yesterday I read the Chairman’s essay, and it was literally exactly the message I envisioned, but much better. The Team Management kids are doing amazing work for all the award submissions.

The robot will be bagged two weeks from today. It is crunch time! Follow along with it all here.




Monday again?!

Sorry for the missed days! Hope you didn’t miss me too much 😛 (I’m sure Damian, our daily reader, did :D)

Oh goodness, time is going by WAY too quickly! Do you know what week this is? Yeah, that’s right, week FIVE.

I know, crazy right?

Since we’re going (flying!) to Viriginia, planning is underway for that, as well as our other two regionals. We’re so pumped! Now all we need is a robot.. :3

We made some good progress today! Brian CNC’d some swerve plates and got started on the shooter arms- luckily he’s really comfortable with the CNC now, thanks to Tommy’s fantastic expertise. Cody designed the stabilizing spring for the shooter arm, and the swiss-cheese support poles are complete.

Zach C. (he insisted on a distinction between the zachs XD) is wrapping up the Chairman’s interviews, and the Ambassadors led by Ryan are working on a content based voice over for the video outlining all of our outreach and achievements. We really need to get moving on the video, there’s a frighteningly short time left.

Also, the Chairman’s essay is done and we’re wrapping up Woodie Flowers and business plan… the end of the tunnel is nearing and I’m not sure if I’m scared or excited! (Probably a little bit of both.)

Sorry for the lack of photos today. My photographer appears to be busy and my phone isn’t very “smart”…. But to make up for it, here’s a quick status update video Brian put together:

Finally, I’d like to give a HUGE welcome back to Andrey (Gooby), who’s been out for over a week with a strange but very uncomfortable illness. He still has a ways to go before he’s fully recovered but it’s great to have him back– things were getting a little crazy with the electrical board in his absence :P.

And that is all. Good night!