We got into our third regional!!
At the beginning of the season we got waitlisted for a third regional competition, and today we got a spot at the Virginia Regional! We are super excited, and this will be a great opportunity! I won’t be at school any Thursday or Friday in March because of robotics and family events, but that’s okay. Learn more about the Virginia Regional here.

Today was a pretty productive day in many aspects.

Cody cut out large holes in the base in order to save weight on the robot. Damian and Zach tried to weigh exactly how much was taken out, but I don’t actually believe them. That’s okay. Here are pictures of the base and the holes cut out from them, as Zach left them all over the CNC desk…

IMG_20140130_170551_828 IMG_20140130_170325_371

Mr. Shuflita also came today and brought all the wood he had cut for our field. I didn’t get a picture, but it is looking great! We have a 10 point goal on casters, and a one point goal. Mr. Shuflita also brought the robot bumper backing of homemade plywood.


Also, Gene CADed the shooter arms with a triangular pattern and text on the side. We will CNC this onto the final robot. Today I learned that Gene is literally a mini me. I’m convinced.

Oh, and of course I was CNCing today. I attempted the top plates and ended up breaking another bit due to extreme heat while cutting. So Damian and I stole a hose from near the cafeteria to rig up a coolant system. Massimo didn’t let us finish it, but I feel that Daniel from last year would approve.


Anyway, we have a lot to do, but we are making progress. If we work hard the next two days, I think we can progress to finishing our prototype robot. Good work everyone!

Oh, and I’ll just leave you with this picture.



The Chairmare

Oh boy.. this season is really teaching me some lessons about procrastination….

Let’s start with some good news:

Massimo found some amazingly helpful photographs of swerve drive assembly that basically illustrate what we have to do. Considering our complete confusion as to some aspects of machining and assembly, this is incredibly helpful, and our first complete robot with drive train should be done by Saturday. (I know, sounds familiar, but I’m serious this time! :P). The entire robot except the drive train is done, and the mechanics are hard at work replicating, or rather improving it for our final product.


Also, our PO’s for competition merchandise were approved, so watch out Orlando regional, the Ninjineers have a few new tricks up their sleeves! Literally.. (hint hint). We’re super excited to get to work on new spirit and safety ideas so get ready to dance like a ninja! 😛

We also managed to attract a few new prospective sponsors who will remain unnamed until we hear back. 🙂

Now, for the rough part…

So, it’s the middle of week 4. Otherwise known as build-season-ends-in-two-weeks or AWARDS-AAAGH week. This afternoon I discovered to my panic that all filming for Chairman’s award had been postponed to next week, giving us less than a week to edit the video… Needless to say, I almost died. Luckily, we figured it out and our super awesome Media guy Zach stepped in and saved the day. So, expedited filming in the next few days and then hardcore edit, and we’re gold.

Also, Chairman’s essay is done, Woodie Flowers is close to finished, Business plan is in the editing stages and although Team Management is running around like crazy people, we have legitimate entries for almost EVERY MAJOR AWARD this year- a HUGE step for us.


Andrey’s still deathly ill (you might know him as Gooby), but we do miss him and hope he’s ok. Don’t worry, Brian hasn’t replaced you yet… XD

Exhausting as it is, build season is FLYING by, and competition season will soon be upon us! How do you feel about being only weeks away from your first regional? Let us know in the comments below! Also, let us know what YOU want to hear more about in these posts!


(P.S. Brian has been converted to Team Pompeii >:D. See you in the reveal!)

CNC Master

Hey guys. Sorry that you have to hear about my CNCing every day, but I haven’t broken a bit this entire week and I’m actually getting stuff done. So, I’m pretty happy that the CNC is working out. Although, it has become very tedious to just sit and watch the CNC do its’ thing while making sure that nothing breaks. Anyway, here’s a little sneak peak of the CNC corner. Sometimes people visit me, and sometimes I’m just really bored as Zach pointed out.


I tape up the grease-stained drawings of the parts I’ve done because it makes me feel accomplished.


But in reality, everyone else in the club has been hard at work doing all the other important things that need to get done!

Today I saw a lot of work by Team Management on award submissions. I’m really proud of all that they have done for that (even though Mayuri and Sneha complain about writing essays). All this work included starting the Woodie Flowers essay today. Also, Damian printed out some letters to go to potential sponsors.

The Mechanical team is moving along well with swerve. There are some kinks in the design that we are trying to work out, but everything should go smoothly. An alumnus is going to help us by making some special shafts. We also had to order new gearboxes with overnight shipping because we initially ordered the wrong ones… Once I get some more parts manufactured, we’ll be able to finally work out the swerve. Just so everyone knows, we got our swerve design from the great resources provided by Team 1640 on their website.

The freshmen from wiring finished wiring up most of the motors to the electrical board of the robot. Ricky loaded code and we were able to simulate feeding and shooting with the drive station.

Eli from team 4471 was back in our shop today to do some machining. His team is going with a similar, but different, wheeled shooter.

Cody, Michael, and Leor were at Leor’s house today working with her dad on making the field and the circular bumper. They did some awesome work, and we’re really glad that they could get a lot done!

1779342_10201493627446466_2070763961_n 1606950_10201493627926478_266451510_n



And Ryan was the DJ tonight. Check out his music selection here. It’s actually catchy, but just click the link…




PS. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter!! We are trying to get 400 followers by the end of week 4, and have 33 to go! Check us out @team2383