So apparently, the swerve drive is going to be more complicated to implement than we’d hoped…

A lot of parts need precise machining with tools we don’t have available to us, so hopefully we can outsource those in time.

However, the good news is that Brian finally got the CNC working continuously and cut 4 plates today! Yay!



My proudest accomplishment -Brian Richards

Also, the robot is starting to look really attractive (that wasn’t supposed to sound weird), with our nice polished finish courtesy of Cody. Even with the slightly unnecessary reinforced aluminum backing, it is still well under the weight limit, which is really reassuring.

The programmers continue to make slow and steady progress- hopefully they’ll have swerve turns figured out by the end of the week.

It’s nice to see the great turnout in the lab- we had a lot of people in and working today, so nice work! Brian unfortunately vetoed my idea for Pompeii being our season theme song (although if you’d like to hear Pompeii by Bastille in our reveal video, you can override him by commenting below ;P), but with a little help from Pandora, we did manage to wrap up the Chairman’s essay today and make substantial progress on the Woodie Flowers essay. Awards deadlines are frighteningly close and we’re really buckling down about now.

We also tried to attack the robot from different angles with the ball, but the defense and catching are on point. Our prototype’s unprecedented precision (as far as 2383 goes) really gives me high hopes for the coming season. Let us know how your prototypes are looking in the comments!

So, short post today! Thanks for reading as always 🙂 Also #teampompeii. XD



And that is the end of week 3. Wow.

Sorry we didn’t blog yesterday. Honestly, there was not much to update on. But today was a more productive day.

First and foremost, today was Damian’s birthday! Damian is definitely the coolest sophomore (sorry to all the other sophomores). I never even knew who he was until he threw up outside my hotel room at Orlando last year. But uh, that’s another story…


Anyway, my CNC adventures continued, and I actually made some good progress today. The picture shows work on the shooter arm, which I kind of failed. Let’s just say I didn’t do to well with the “e” for some reason…


But I did cut out all of the sensor mounts for our swerve drive, and got started for the next set of plates. All of that better be done on Monday.


The rest of the mechanics worked hard on the prototype and final robots. We basically have the whole prototype back together, including the defensive arm. They also worked on modifying the catching.

We got started on the final robot. Cody made the shooter arms (after I failed with the CNC). Massimo welded the final base and shooter together.

Ryan and Prajesh organized the swerve materials so that we can start building modules once I finish the plates.

The programmers continued working hard. Today Vish was doing some of the math needed for the swerve drive.


And this morning we hosted team 4471, the Spartrons in the shop. Hopefully our resources helped them out, and hopefully they can come by more often.




So another week is gone. By the end of week four, we hope to have both of our robots completely done. This is a lofty goal, but it is something we need to do as we push toward the end of the season.

Let us know where your team is at the halfway point in the comments below.


(oops, since it’s halfway, I’m talking too :D)

So week 3 is over!

Wow, this is a little crazy…

So here’s a halfway through build season summary of progress:

1) Our robot looks great! The defensive mechanism is fully functioning, the wheel plates are mounted, the circular frame is working beautifully, and things are moving right along. 🙂

2) The programmers finally had a breakthrough with the vision technology and figured out how to detect different colors (type in the color code…oops :P). Regardless, they are also making steady progress on learning how to program the swerve wheels. The individual axis movements require slightly more complex programming to shift the center of spin for turns, but we’ll get it soon.

3) Public relations, hard at work with Chairman’s Award, have made solid progress with the Executive summary and have some artistic vision on the video. They’ve booked the green room next week to begin filming- we can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!

4) Finally, all orders for competition merchandise are in! Business team continues their great work on the Entrepreneurship award and Woodie Flowers, and they’re all making sure to stay on track with their timelines.

In other news, Jeni has created some more awesome infographics for week 2 and 3. Check them out here:

These three weeks have flown by for me, and I’d like to thank the entire team for working so hard and making every day so much fun! I know we have our most amazing season yet ahead of us, all thanks to your constant effort and pride in what you do. As always, I am proud to be a Ninjineer.



Today I spent four hours trying to CNC plates for the swerve drive. Oh, the joy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done with that.

We kind of have a shortage of bits, so we first ended up breaking a few bits. Then toward the end I actually made some legitimate progress! I should be able to finish that up early tomorrow (I hope).

But, a lot of other things were going on too! Massimo welded mounting holes for the swerve plates onto the base. Also the mechanics did more work on the uprights in the back of the robot to mount the aluminum plate.

The programmers had an instructional session on LabView, led by their fearless leader, Ricky.

The spirit department has an awesome t-shirt design, thanks to Claire, and they edited that a bit today. Business also continued working hard on the business plan.

So, yeah. Sorry that I don’t have much content today. It was just one of those days where things are pretty slow. Plus I was in the corner all day trying to work on the CNC…. But, I still enjoyed the day! I actually made the most progress in my work while chatting with Mayuri, Sneha, Damian, and Adam. Sometimes you just have to remember to relax, and enjoy the time with your teammates in the shop. It’s a long season, and there is a lot to do, but none of it is worth it if you don’t enjoy the time.


Okay, enough cliché. Mayuri had too much homework to write tonight, so I stole the blog back. (I secretly like to write here!)