So, more progress!

We expanded the base to its maximum circumference of 111.5 (AHHH) to maximize the space for our pivot point and wheels. The custom wheel plates are done and mounted on the base. We also attached the defensive arm to the back of the robot, and will be rebuilding it with aluminum sheets. Whew!


Hehehe looks like swiss cheese 😉

We also had quite the adventure today attempting to get our can-crusher flyer signed. Amy and I waited in the guidance office for over a half hour, then gave up and returned to the lab only to discover that our principal had already gone down and approved it… Fail. However, our futile wait gave us a chance to see an old friend again- the wonderful and much missed FIRST alum Alessandra Vasi! Once a Ninjineer, always a Ninjineer. We love you Ale 🙂

Public relations made some legitimate progress on the Executive Summary today, and we have a new wicked-awesome shirt design. Orders for competition merchandise will be going out over the next few days. (I’m serious about this shirt design. It’s Claire-amazing. <3) Programming is also working hardcore toward bigger and better things (namely, accurate vision sensing). Our new twisty joysticks came in today and we couldn’t be more excited about the new wheels and control system. (Rumor has it there will be a super legit LabView meeting tomorrow… maybe I can get a peek ;P)

Short post tonight, but I promise lots of pictures and videos and veeery lengthy posts once we start working on the swerve drive. Hopefully, we can achieve our goal of fully functional robots by the end of the week so you can see things that move AND shoot.


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