Clean up!

Today is Friday for us (basically), since there is no school tomorrow! Most kids spent the afternoon cleaning the shop. We are mostly waiting for part orders to come in, and we needed to clean up our mess. And our mess is basically the entire shop… So, I’m really glad that we got things clean today!

After that, and a pizza dinner provided by Sneha, we started to think about our defensive mechanism. This is one thing that we really have not discussed, but it would be a valuable asset in the game.

The rules require any extension above 60″ off the floor to able to be contained in a 6″ vertical cylinder. This doesn’t offer any room for complex swinging arms or anything like that.

So, right now we have some great ideas around this, and even made a prototype. Hopefully we can get something onto the robot tomorrow. Here’s a photo acting out some defensive strategies:


We’ll be meeting from 9-5 tomorrow and Saturday during the long weekend. Stay tuned for any info on a Monday meeting.

Mayuri is still sick. Bronchitis. So, hopefully you like my writing by now.



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