Welcome to week 2 everyone! Only 35 days left to build, wow.

Last week ended on a great note with an awesome design and prototype. The video I posted with Saturday’s blog post has almost 1500 views right now and a lot of feedback online! I’m really glad that we are able to get our name out there and hopefully give some ideas to other teams.

Today, we further improved our prototype with some additions for catching. On the back half of the robot we have a ring of fiberglass poles that help corral the ball into the shooter when another robot throws it. This is really great, as we decided to not even try to catch in our initial strategizing. However, fiberglass can be annoying, and I can still feel a little bit in my finger. I recommend gloves…

So we have a shooter, catcher, and base frame. Now what? We’ve come incredibly far during just the first week, and it would be extremely easy to become complacent now. But, there is still a lot that needs to be done! The main chunk of brainstorming and design is through, but now comes the hard part that many teams don’t expect. Now comes all the details that actually make a robot a robot. We still have a lot of work on movements in the robot, driving, programming, you name it. But don’t expect the Ninjineers to back down! We’re ready to make this robot our best ever.


In other news, the can crusher is finally done (I think.) We filmed a video for the morning announcements and it should be out during lunch starting on Wednesday! I’ll be sure to post the video from the announcements then, and maybe some shots of it in use. This has really been a great project (although it took longer than expected), and I’m excited to see the results.

Also today, the spirit team started looking at prices for buttons and other cool give-aways. Hopefully we can find something unique to give away. If you have any suggestions, be sure to let us know in the comments!


And, I want to thank all the people who have been in the lab each day doing award write-ups and other important things. They don’t get much air time in the blog, and their work can often be unnoticed, but building a robotics team is about much more than the robot. We’ll be able to share their great work after the season.

Sorry you had to hear from me twice in a row! Mayuri was sick today, but will hopefully be back tomorrow.

Go Ninja Go!!




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