Crushing Cans

The Can Crusher finally went live today! We were featured on the morning announcements by Aaron. Be sure to check out the WAHS News segment here, beginning at about 5:48. We had a nice crowd around the machine at lunch. Be sure to check it out tomorrow! The machine collects the tabs from soda cans for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and then crushes the cans for recycling. It was a great project for pneumatics practice and our Chairman’s Award entry.
Today we continued to work on our catcher (with no balls in the canal), and devised a better system to slow a caught ball into our shooter.


We also finished the rotation for the shooter. We did not have a gearbox for our Andymark motor, so we ended up adapting a CIM gearbox to the motor. We drilled a hole into a smaller bore gear, then saw a key slot inside. With this secured we attached the Andymark bracket to the CIM gearbox using two 2″ 10-24 screws. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your resources, especially in prototyping!

And then we had a fire drill. Or maybe it wasn’t a drill, since a fire truck showed up. There was no damage to anything actually, and I think it was just an alarm in the AC system in the ceiling. Oh well. Here’s a selfie (groupie actually) from the Quad when we had to leave the lab.


And Kevin made us S’Mores with the heat gun. That was interesting.


And Amy’s mom brought her new dog Elmo in the car. It’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and its’ legs are disproportionately small compared to its’ body. In my opinion, at least.

Mayuri was back at school today, but did not stay for robotics. Maybe tomorrow she can write again!



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