Day 2 (and 3)

Wow, just 2 days in and I’m already slacking on the blog… At least I can use the #senioritis excuse this year 🙂

Like Damian said, we returned from kickoff not really knowing what to think, but I’m really pleased by how quickly that has changed. Yesterday, we consolidated several of our ideas from the kickoff brainstorm into detailed drawings, and discussed the pros and cons of each approach. Then we began modeling.

We started with a bent sheet metal model, then revamped it a bit when we discovered some of its limitations. Today, we built an even better one, with added versatility and structure that seems very promising. I’m willing to bet some form of this mechanism will end up on the final robot, which means we’ve made really impressive progress for Day 2 of build season.

Also, the programming team began outlining many different potential autonomous sequences, and we even got a chance to set up a field area and test some of the strategies for feasibility. It definitely taught us a lot about expectations *coughcough* XD, but we also had fun kicking over some trash cans (with a legitimate excuse).


Team management and PR put together a timeline for award creation and submission and are working on creating a comprehensive sponsor update packet. They’ve also had a big presence in rules and coordination and, as usual, know the game better than anyone.

And thus begins the final season of my robotics career, with an awesome turnout each night, lots of laughs, delicious pasta and salad (shout out to Ms. Lovegren for her last minute rescue of 20 hungry Ninjineers), and waaay too much throwing of the pool noodle *Damian*, I have no doubt that this last season will be our best one yet.


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