Day 12: The light at the end of the tunnel! (and Fedex!)

TOTES! Today some of the totes we ordered from AndyMark came in, and that will make practice more realistic than using the old KOP totes that have seen some wear over the years. Tomorrow we have no school thanks to conference day, so that means a nice long work day! And best of all, our pneumatics will most likely come in tomorrow! This will make out weekend extremely productive since we have two long work days back to back.

Today the Scouts started the spreadsheet today, and we are now looking for all possible ways to make this our most optimized scouting system yet. Thinking that most of the game will be every robot doing their job to score, a lot of the scouting will be measuring points and seeing efficiency (which generates more points).

And to wrap up the night, we did the FedEx innovation challenge which was for describing hydraulic principals (Pascal!)

Mayuri is gone for a Model UN trip, so talk to you guys tomorrow!


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