Day 13: 8-Sides and Swords

So today being a long day, we were able to get a lot of the time-consuming things done that we don’t always have time for in our weekday schedule.

Since the main framework of our robot is done, Gooby too the liberty of creating a very light-wieght electrical board.



It was cut out to fit the frame, and the octagons maintained the rigidity while keeping weight low (they also look pretty freaking cool).

Today we almost finished mounting all the gear boxes for mecanum. Due to size constraints, we need to run belts to two of the wheels which make life a tad more difficult but still completely doable.

Today Asad (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) and I worked on the scouting spreadsheet and got a lot done on it. There are plenty of logistical things that need to be worked out so scouts can work more efficiently, but as soon as we work out every problem, we will post it here and on CD.

Lastly Fedex. According to many members on our team, the challenge this week was extremely complicated. But they think they got it. They said something about multivariable calculus, but that is above my head, so have fun!



(Hope everything goes good with your mecanum William!)

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