Day 19: Tank The Maker! (not a typo)

Today our major shipments from AndyMark came in, and it was like Christmas… expect with controllers, tubing, and metal. Along with all this came our GIANT tanks for pneumatics that took forever for UPS to deliver. Luckily these tanks don’t hurt us on weight too much.

For mecanum drive, we swapped out our AndyMark wheels for the new Vex Pro mecanum, and it seems to be smoother and also they weigh less which is a big plus in the scheme of things. Strafing has been better this year compared to other years, but with the knowledge our team now has, we should be able to correct it using encoders and also properly distributing weight.

The practice bot is basically done, and now our CAD team is working to create everything and make it clean cut, and hopefully we can paint this year.

The none robot side of team has a ton of stuff, from awards, to the scouting spreadsheet, and lastly a special video project by team management. I have been very focus on the spreadsheet to make it as user friendly as possible without diminishing data quality. Once we have it done along with a small instruction manual, any team should be able to use it with relative ease.

Build season is shaping up, and having a week one event will be a new experience and we will learn a lot early on in the season.


Pretty pumped,


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