Day 20: Progress and Testing!!

Testing, testing, testing. Today Gooby tested his code on the practically finished practice bot and man, everything is going a bit better than I had expected. There are few things we need to fix, but they are minor things that should be a quick fix tomorrow. Our game plan after auto is to take the yellow totes straight to the step and leave them there for Co-Op opportunities. Hopefully the opposing alliance can add one more tote to the step. One of our debates so far have been between Human Feeding vs Landfill feeding. The more we practice, the more practical landfill feeding seems. Breaking up the landfill wasn’t as difficult as we previously thought, a couple of “strategic” rams into the totes makes the slide out in different directions which makes feeding easier for us. We need to do timed practice to see how many stacks of 6 we can make in the teleop time. As of now, I think we could do about two stacks per game which might be serious points in the long run. Practice will be key to this game, and also necessary so drivers are comfortable and know limits of the stacks the robot. I am mentally ready for South Florida, now we need a robot ready.


And a quick update on the spreadsheet.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.17.14 PM

Here is the a preview of the setup page! As you can see, we are trying to keep it user friendly. Once you type in the 4-letter event code, select scouting position, and press the “Update Match Schedule” button, the scout is set up. Scouts also have the option of editing dialog box messages on another sheet from here. This makes it customizable for every scout. Hope you are excited!



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