Day 25: The beginning of the end

So, with design finalized, we enter into the CADing/Machining period. Prajesh and the mechanical team work throughout their independent periods to finish the robot CAD as fast as possible, but still maintain all measurements exact. We plan on starting machining tomorrow for the chassis. The Chassis this year will sport a 4 mini cim mecanum drive using Toughbox Nano gearboxes. Gooby tested the use of a gyro on the robot to help control mecanum drive, and the results were swerve like. All we need to work on is balancing weight and mounting encoders to ensure mecanum is practically flawless. Aside from that, the scouting spreadsheet (my baby) is about half way done. Asad and I completed the first spreadsheet which is for scouts to collect data. The second spreadsheet will be the master one that will compile all the data and output it for the head-scout to read in an ordered fashion.


In case you missed our week 3 teaser video, here is is


Welcome to week 4!


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