Day 3: The field and lots of wood

Today was our first long build day of 2016! (*sniff sniff* and my last one…)

We’ve had some excellent progress in terms of getting that darn complicated field done. The low bar (a pole that’s like a foot above the ground… very complicated I know), moat, rock wall, and rough terrain are all good. Special thanks to Bill for helping us out with the metal rough terrain defense! Also, the floor in the lab is covered with a whole lot of wood planks and sheets; this’ll make up the majority of our field materials, I’m assuming.

Here’s a picture of some of our mechanical team building away!


Speaking of wood, we’ve built a *very* rough prototype of our robot to try out potential frame perimeter sizes and determine how much space we’ll have between the wheels for various mechanisms like shooters. Also, we’re in the development stage for picking up the Boulders by experimenting with various styles seen in the 2012 game, Rebound Rumble.

Finally, we have been making the tower and various other game elements – once we can get those done, we can really go full swing into creating our robot! Things are looking pretty good for the third day!


PS. Shoutout to Pedro and his family for bringing us some delicious pasta for dinner! Thank you!


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