Day 4: Ideas are really starting to “stack” up

So far this week has been extremely productive. We keep going through continuous brainstorming as we prototype and we have come up with a lot of good ideas with different methods for strategy and this is where we reach the hard part of trying to focus our ideas to make a solid prototype robot. So far we are aiming for simplicity, which is a step in the right direction.

The mechanical team today re-worked the “stacker” prototype, and after much debate of Pros vs Cons, we kinda found a happy medium between the previous stacker and the current stacker. We also learned today that even though we have a larger frame allowance, it is still going to be a tight squeeze to fit everything we want.

In other news, the scouting department is getting started on identifying key parts of the game to scout. Undecided whether we scout for raw points like in 2013 or more like 2014 by looking for robots that fit a category. With some time to think things out, it should be under control.

Still pumped about it being build season!




Claire made an AWESOME video for our school’s morning announcements check it out here!

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