Day 4: Tests, CAD, and sooo much plywood

Today was filled with so many amazing accomplishments.

Christian, Matt and a couple of the new members have been working on seeing how we can manage to integrate all the mechanisms we have been prototyping into a nice robot with a low center of gravity. And so far, we have had a a lot of um… interesting ideas. I think every mechanism we need should fit, but it’s just a matter of how they’re going to mesh together. We might have one of our most interesting robots this year, and to be frank, I am more than excited for such a challenging/frustrating robot. The challenges are what make FRC such an amazing program to start with.

Moving on from that, me and Andrey (mostly him) have been working on the chassis to no end. We have been tweaking every little thing to make sure this is the best solution to Stronghold defenses. I think we are almost there. This is the first year we have put so much value on the chassis, and as any team knows, a drive base can make or break the game this year. A screenshot of our design can be found below, enjoy!

Lastly, the field team… They have had the thrill of building the tower, sally port, drawbridge, and french ramp thingy. The carpentry is a fantastic learning experience for the new members. We have had minor mistakes throughout the field building experience, but they were all correctable learning opportunities. We have some fantastic members who are still young, and I am seeing fast progress. I think they will be done by Monday.



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