Day 5: The field (minus 1 thing) and prototypes galore

So today was another long night! We’ve had some excellent progress with the field-building team – under Charles, JD, and Christian’s guidance, we’re just one defense away from having all the pertinent parts of the field built and ready (for the most part)!

As for the robot itself, we’ve been prototyping left and right and by the end of the night, we had a great representation (out of wood, of course) of a hopefully effective robot. Our drive base wheel positioning was redesigned, the feeder design was finalized, and the transition from the intake to the shooter has also been taken care of. No guarantees the robot will be final, of course, but I think it’s quite close. And, as always, no pictures quite yet! 🙂

Manusri and Kaitlyn have been hard at work with designing the climber; I think they have some great ideas going forward! Hopefully we can see a complete prototype with all potential functions soon!

In terms of public relations and team management, Lexi and Kevin have been diligently designing our Team Standard – the flag we raise for every match. It’s looking quite pretty, if I do say so myself. Pedro, Jonathan, and Dawson have been working on the scouting spreadsheet and helping me out with starting on some of our award essays. All in all, we’ve been quite productive, and I hope/think we can continue this pace moving onward!


PS. Shoutout to Satya and his parents for bringing delicious and nutritious food for our team – thank you!

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