Day 5: The plague spreads and totes take lift

Today Mayuri and Jeni were out sick, which stinks, but we are all getting a bit sick and that is bad during build season.

We are slowly trying to find the optimal ways to play the game and hopefully the prime strategy will come together as we continue to rack our brains and think of more inventive ways to play the game.

In terms of the robot, we are still modifying what we think is our almost final design. We think that we are 90 Percent there, soon we will have everything done in CAD which will be useful in assembly. A lot of the current prototypes are pretty solid.

The non robot side of the team is doing a pretty nice job, they are currently summarizing the rule book for those that have not been able to read the manual. The manual must be read and understood by next week. This is a must. Also Sherlyn and her team are still strategizing and looking for key points to scout without making an insane amount of information for scouts to scout (When scouts have a lot to do in a 2.5 minute game, they tend to have inaccurate information).

Still excited and the build season tiredness has not set in yet.

Big thanks to Pedro’s parents for the awesome dinner tonight. Thank you!

I should probably start my homework now,


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