Day 6: Batteries and Frisbees!

I think we are getting there.


we are prepared to finalize prototyping and get onto CADing the final robot. Our lifter requires a bit more tweaking before we say it is perfect but, it has come along way from earlier this week. Our chassis is nearly set, today we remembered that we needed a battery… So a quick re-design was needed to accommodate the battery. We have all the gearboxes and wheels needed for mecanum drive do hopefully we can wrap that up tomorrow. Gene has been CNCing the chassis components and even managed to set off the fire alarm (A Brian in the making). While we were waiting for parts to be finished, Goob made a frisbees (not like we have some from 2013 or anything…) using the bottom of a home depot bucket and managed to make it fly surprisingly well.


Today was productive and tomorrow will be a big day.


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