As far as robot progress goes, we are basically set in all aspects of the design. As for any robotics team, there will be tons of tweaking until everything is perfect for optimal movement and stacking ability. Luckily we don’t have school on Friday or Monday this week, so those long days will really help get everything rolling into the final production line.

In terms of strategy, I was debating how the game would be played and I sent a tweet to Karthik K (an avid FRC Robotics strategist). His main message was that he thinks the game would be played in a a “Divide and Conquer” style, which basically means an alliance partitioning the field so every robot can score effectively and not be in the other robots way.  Knowing how rules change and new ideas arise, this strategy may change, but for our week one event in Fort Lauderdale, this seems like a solid plan.

All in all, our robot is shaping up, team morals are high, and I think I can say for the most part, we are excited about Recycle Rush.


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