Decisions, decisions…

Another day in the bag, and with it an important decision…

For the last few days, we’ve been going back and forth between introducing the swerve drive new this year or sticking with mecanum. Obviously there are positives and negatives to both but I was staunchly on Team Mecanum because of the risk involved in introducing such a complex new system now. However, the Swerve boys did quite well in presenting their case (its sleekness speaks for itself) and we finally called a mini-meeting to decide the issue once and for all. The victor? Swerve. So hooray for new challenges and better robots! 🙂


With the LabView crew on brief hiatus, Java makes constant progress with setting up the environment and learning the language. I sense a challenger approaching… Also, the CAD team began buckling down and drawing out the circular base and base plate designs for wheel mounting today. We’re still working around (see what I did there?) with the circular base, but things are moving right along.

Dinner with the team, crazy as always, took an exciting chicken-flavored turn today. Damian ate the bones (literally), then flew his chair spaceship around the lab, and St. Prajesh had some words of wisdom to offer us: bones and ribs won’t break your stones…(yeah, I don’t get it either). Crazy kids. 😉


Another piece of exciting news: the can crusher is FINALLY done! Lovely Mr. Gooby programmed the vexes and it is now fully functioning. Now, tab ripping and can crushing can be performed in a fully automated (and AWESOME) process at the touch of a button. 🙂 I honestly probably can’t count with two hands the number of cans he forcibly extorted from our members over the course of the day.


Finally, our Chairman’s submission is moving right along, and the foundations for a successful business plan have (finally) been laid. We’ve tallied the Dean’s List votes, started the Woodie Flowers essay, and created a website for Media Innovation. For the first time in, well, ever, these judges will read a submission from the Ninjineers.



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