Responsible for the sensors and sensor integration for the Robot. This includes, but not limited to, jurisdiction over encoders, cameras, gyroscopes and accelerometers.  Will work in tandem with the Software Division for Vision Processing Systems, and PID controller implementation.


Responsible for all pneumatic processes to be implemented on the Robot and all hardware associated with these functions, including but not limited to, solenoids, on board compressors, PCM wiring, and tubing.


Responsible for the visually appealing as well as easily maintainable/extendable wiring of robot subsystems to the roboRio & Power Distribution Panel. Works in tandem with the Pneumatics Division to safely implement clean wiring in a timely manner.


Responsible for programming the Robot per specifications given by the Directors and Division Officers. Will work closely with the Control Division for a variety of tasks, including the creation of a Portable Driver Station as specified by the Drive Team.

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TEAM 2383