End of Week 1

It has been a busy week. and lots of prototyping has been done. The hustle and bustle of the lab is now at the ‘build season’ level, something that I missed a lot in off-season. The shooter prototypes have launched many fuel elements, including (delightfully) into the back canal. Our main focus has been on the shooter and feeder prototypes. We managed to nail our external feeder on the first try. It eats up fuel like a knife through butter. The shooter regurgitates that fuel just as smoothly. Here’s our shooter in action:


hah. got eeeeeeem

According to Matt, “vision’s gonna be good this year”. Judging by the blinding green of our camera lights, I’m going to assume he’s right. (Seriously, 6 of those tiny LEDs can light up the entire room.) Will it be worthy of the Innovation in Control Award we got last year? We shall wait for South Florida and see.

The scouting and strategy team has been hard at work trying to figure out how to scout this year’s game. Algorithms and calculations are already in development. (I wish I could math /sobs/)

PR is hard at work at more design, sponsors, and this website. Proud of Aaron and Sid for keeping our FLL Team strong, even with the busyness of build season.

Looks like our AndyMark order just came in. Yay for more gears!


Lexi Fleury

Director of Public Relations

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