End of week 4 (help)

With only two weeks of build season remaining, it is definitely ‘crunch time’ in the Ninjineers robotics lab.

All week, diagrams have been drawn on whiteboards, code has been written, and our prototype has been taken apart, put back together, and taken apart again. While our current prototype is little more than a husk of aluminium, the progress we have made this week is strong. Pieces seem to be flying off the CNC and 3-D printers as we get closer to the final robot. The Electrical department has done a nice job with organizing the roboRIO and power distribution board, using an elevated platform and the sides of the robot to minimize the space our required hardware takes up. Since we want to hold as many fuel points as possible, maximizing the space our precious cargo can occupy is of utmost importance.

But with many balls comes many responsibilities. With our original design of a funnel-like hopper that used gravity to guide them to the shooter, we found that the weight of balls on the top could cause jams in our system. The shooter was gutted, and resigned with something we call an ‘agitator’ – a device that beats the balls into submission until they file themselves in a spiral and go one by one into the shooter. Work is now being put into designing a climber, and considering our robot is fairly light (hope I didn’t jinx that), a solution should be found. Right now, nearly everyone is either CADing on a computer or in the lab hard at work. Sharing an assembly file of our robot design allows everyone to collaborate and add pieces with ease.

In non-robot news, we have a comprehensive list of merchandise that we are ordering, including way too many fortune cookies. Fortune cookies for days. Fortune cookies to feed your grandchildren. The scouting team (aka Dawson) is working on a very streamlined scouting spreadsheet that will be the cause of great pain for our future scouts.

Here at the Ninjineers, we gently stir our fuel units to ensure thorough cooking.

Behold, the great tower of 3D-printed rollers.

Something I’ve been working on is a side project for our school’s guidance department. I modeled six tokens for six different colleges that are visiting our juniors.



                                                           For example: The University of Miami.

That’s all for now!

    – Lexi Fleury

 Director of Public Relations






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