The Happy Dance

Wow, what a busy day.

I walked in after school today to a packed lab– people were everywhere working on everything, and we really got a lot done.

On the mechanical end, our gearboxes are assembled and ready to mount as soon as we finalize the base. Our stacking mechanism is in its final stages- a few tweaks here and there and it’ll be fully functional and effective. One of the biggest issues we noticed today involved a slight underestimation of the height of the scoring platform… oops…. But no harm done, we have an easy fix that shouldn’t take long to implement.

The electrical/programming team has started laying out the board for the year and planning how to fit it onto the unorthodox base. They’ve also made significant progress on the LabView code for the season and our young’uns are working hard on learning Java for upcoming seasons and programming flexibility. Their steady progress and dedication gives me optimism to dare to hope that this time the Java team will pull through. 🙂 Kudos to the sophomores and freshmen showing a lot of motivation to keep this going!

Finally, PR and team management had waaay too much fun with our second FedEx challenge today. We worked on the Woodie Flowers essay until dinner, then realized we had just over 2 hours to complete the video challenge. This led to a lot of frantic printing, GoPro antics, taping signs to Damian’s “one-pack”, fake angry Vish, and over-acting Amy- all of which led to a pretty entertaining 15 seconds. We hit publish just minutes before the 8:30 deadline.

You can watch the video below, and I promise that as soon as I have a few free minutes, I’ll make a GIF (pronounced like the peanut butter brand) of Damian’s Happy Dance. Enjoy!


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