Human Simulations

Hey Guys! Sorry about not posting yesterday, we were doing human simulations of this year’s game. What is a human simulation? A human simulation is when we all take the game and essentially play it by pretending that we are the robots. To pretend that we are robots we have to rely on only using slower and more mechanical movements in order too accomplish our assigned task. This ended up being a blast and you can see a picture of our simulation below. Using the simulation we predict that most robots will be able to do about 4-5 gears by themselves. Shooting robots will be able too shoot 20-30 balls at a mediocre normal throwing speed. Apart from our simulation our actual robot is starting to come together! The feeding mechanism has actually been attacked to a drive train, so it now actually does resemble a robot. (So Gene you could say we have a robot now). Currently we are discussing potentially where to put the electrical board and other components that will actually you know, make the robot move. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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