Kickoff, LETS GO!!

So today can be summed up as a pretty awesome day.

I was at school at 8 am for kickoff (which is ridiculously early for me during winter break).

From there we drove up to Team 179’s Kickoff event only to be crazy early (we expected more traffic). Soooo we decided to go to Wendy’s to burn time, only to learn that Wendy’s in fact does not serve breakfast… But we found Starbucks inside of a local Target to have a Pre-Kickoff meeting and have fun guessing what the game is (Lunacy + Stack Attack 2015!!). After we had burnt enough time we headed back to Swamp for kickoff which was extremely organized, to learn about the FRC game that will consume the next 4 months of our lives. And this year FIRST released “Recycle Rush” and… it is a different style of gameplay than what we normally see, but who knows, it could be an exciting game.


Here’s the kickoff video and you can have your own opinions on it.

After I first saw the video, I was a bit shocked in the change of gameplay since it removed all the heavy defense that traumatized many teams last year by removing contact between the two teams completely… Not sure how I feel about that. But I will let the season play out.

After the live stream, we went to Swamp’s Shop to pick up our KOP and see a half field which gave a pretty good insight on how the field will look.

The car ride back to the lab was pretty fun as we fumbled trying got open the game manual because of FIRST spelling Recycle as R3C3L3 (Why is the Y a 3?? FIRST Pls) And then assaulting Mayuri with a million questions the second she got the manual open.

Once we got back to the lab and heard from the people who actually read the rules in-depthly on different possible strategies and we then went down other possibilities to see where you can score the most points.








I am not sure if I am excited for the game or for build season. Either way, I am excited.


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