Wait, what is this?


Don’t worry, we’re not switching to mecanum! After all the time we have put into swerve, I don’t think we’d allow it… But Mr. Gregor has been working with some of the underclassmen to put together a reliable mecanum system as a backup. Swerve will be our primary drivetrain, but could be prone to problems so we need a backup.


Anyway, swerve itself is going great! The CNC is churning out parts, as we finished the top plates today and got started on the side plates. Those are looking great. Just look at those parts and tell me that you don’t enjoy my CNC stories (*cough* Mayuri *cough*).



Bri became the master of the swerve table and worked with Cody and Ryan to make the swerve modules. We have one that is completely done, except for a bushing that should come in tomorrow. It is all coming together so nicely, and I am really excited for the final product.





There was also a lot more work on other aspects of the robot. We mounted the defensive post onto the final robot. Mrs. Schobert and Prajesh used the heat gun to make the catch assisting device for the final robot.




Andrey, Ricky, Zach, and Lexi worked on our final electrical board as well. It is looking nice, and includes elevated sidecars. Fancy.

IMG_20140211_202359_279 IMG_20140211_202406_035


Team Management is also doing work! Amy, Sneha, and Mayuri worked on planning details for our trip to the Orlando Regional (which is one month from tomorrow). We also finished one Dean’s List essay, and will get the other done this week.


There is exactly one week left. Today was an awesome day for progress, and I am really confident in our time frame. I cannot wait to see what we finish in the coming days.

Go ninja go!


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