How to Change the Color of These Graphics

1. Select the Object

2. Click "Effects" on your Toolbar

3. Click the 3rd Icon on the Panel to open "Glow"

4. Change the color here


- Love Joseph


Design and Development

The Design and Development Division communicates with all other Mechanical Divisions to sketch, finalize, and enter designs into a 3-D modeling software. These students maintain design revisions and prepare the final designs to be manufactured.


Quality Control

The Quality Control Division communicates with the entire mechanical department to ensure that the robot is built optimally and efficiently. They are responsible for checking CAD designs and the dimensions of manufactured parts.


The Manufacturing Division machines any parts responsible for robot fabrication based on the design instructions. These students utilize traditional and technological methods, including CNC and 3-D printing, to craft each part of the robot.

Assembly Technician

The Assembly Technician Division responsibilities include assembling different components or parts of semi-finished or finished products, so as to deliver a product which is ready to be tested.


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