The final robot is coming together nicely! It really is great. Today we finished the shooter arms on the CNC, and started with the shafts for the shooter wheels. Swerve is also coming along well, and should be finished when we get some more parts from Tommy. Check it out.







I am really satisfied with the effort that everyone is putting in. Everything is really coming together well.

Today I was in the Team Management room for the first time. Actually, I went to the quiet lab to work with Damian on the Media & Technology Award. I am really excited for this award because of our great website and social media accounts. We have a lot of little edits and things to do.

The other award submissions are coming along great. Yesterday I read the Chairman’s essay, and it was literally exactly the message I envisioned, but much better. The Team Management kids are doing amazing work for all the award submissions.

The robot will be bagged two weeks from today. It is crunch time! Follow along with it all here.




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