Mid Week 5 Update

Midway through week 5, our main accomplishments are getting the robot to actually be mobile and drive around. Anurag has been doing great electrical work, so hopefully we will have a fully functioning robot soon. 🙂 In other news, we have finally reached our weight limit with the robot, so now our focus will be in reducing its weight. As the robot comes together, we are also getting closer to making our first ever scouting app, brought to us by Team Management Director Dawson Cohen .This app will work on iOS devices. Scouting on the app will be focused on analyzing the cycles of the individual robot. There will be a timer with numerous buttons used to determine behaviors and tendencies of each robot during the match. The last project we are currently working is our very own competition field! Over the past couple days we have actually secured the first walls of the field, which provides us with the building blocks to hopefully be able to show you an amazing field in the future! This will be the first year we will be having a more detailed field, and hopefully a field that we will be able to use for many years to come!

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