Mid Week Update

Good news we finished our robot on time yesterday, but you can wait to see that when we release our reveal video soon! Essentially for the past couple days we have been working on two things, climbing and shooting. Climbing actually works surprisingly well as long as we have a rope that can hold us. Shooting was a little bit more tricky. We have abandoned using vision for now ,so we are going to focus more on presets. So essentially the past couple days have been spent dialing those shots in. Today I’m also going to hopefully provide lesson for people who may find themselves in a tough situation in robotics. From Day 1 of joining robotics everyone always has a dream, something they one day hope to achieve by their senior year. Through three years of hard work, sweat, and blood, you may finally get close to that goal or that dream you may hold so dear. However in robotics there are always many other qualified people who may have the same aspirations. And sometimes things simply don’t go your way. When this happens you will feel like your entire world is collapsing and everything you worked for has just come up short. Yes its fine to be disappointed and even a little mad, but even if some people in charge decided against you, it is important to not lash out at them. These are people you have spent 3+ years with and only have so much time left, so try to enjoy it. And hey its perfectly cool too show off a little bit and make them feel dumb about their decision sometimes 😉 Morale of the story, as mad as you might get, everything will keep going, and it is up to you to make the most of it.


Jonathan Mirchandani

Team Management Director

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