Moving on up!

Guess what guess what guess what?!?!?

The awards due this week are (drumroll please) done! (well except the pictures :P). But seriously, this is a fantastic step forward for the team. Even if we don’t win a single award, the simple process of creating and submitting an entry lays invaluable foundations for future efforts- and basically puts us on the map. Thus far, we’ve been a very one-sided team, and this diversification has required monumental effort from the entire team- PR, team management, and otherwise- and I cannot thank the team enough for the work they’ve put in. Often, these essays seem insurmountable, but we’ve gritted our teeth and just done it, and it feels fabulous.


But enough of that! We’re getting really close to the end, so everyone seems a little bit frantic. However, our first swerve wheel is done! The wheel has been attached to the machined parts and everything works, so yay!! Things are beginning to click and the end seems in sight…


This also means we’re on full time duty all week, as in 8 PM every day- so you’ll be seeing a LOT of CNC stories from Brian… (sorry XD)


Also, we’ve more or less completed bus and room assignments for the Orlando Regional! It’s on March 13-15 (SO CLOSE!!) and we’ll be sending out more information soon. Upper classmen, I’m sure anticipation for the incredible season ahead goes without saying, but freshman- brace yourselves because you’re never going to want to leave :D.


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