The Olympics!

This is a programmer in his natural environment:



This is a true mechanic:


The first picture shows Andrey working hard on swerve code, while watching the Olympics. We got to watch the live streams of a lot of different sports while we worked today, it was pretty great! Go USA! (Unless, you’re Andrey and you’re cheering for Russia…)

The next picture shows Cody pretty much making his own lathe. One of the custom shafts in the swerve called for a lock ring, so Cody popped the shaft into the chuck of the drill press and spun it at a low speed with a handsaw blade. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Here’s the finished product:



Swerve is moving along. I feel like that has been said in every post for the past two weeks. Oh well. We have everything CNCed for the prototype bot, and now I am working on some more finished products for the final robot. I’m not exactly sure what is holding up putting everything together. I believe that some belts are not in. We have about a week left to finish all of this, and I think it can happen. Some of modules stacked up:



We also have had a team working on mounting mecanum wheels, just in case the swerve doesn’t work out. This would be four mecanum wheels on nanotube gearboxes.


There was also progress on other parts of the robot, such as reinforcing the PVC tubing that helps us catch, and welding the uprights around the back end.



The robot is coming along nicely. It’ll look great in the end.


Amy, Sneha, and Mayuri made great progress on awards today! The executive summary is done. I’m really glad that we are making the effort to submit for awards this year.

Ricky and Andrey were also working hard on programming encoders.

And after all our hard work, Priyank and Robert accidentally emptied the vacuum before it reached the trash can.


Well, we have about a week left. There is a lot to be done, and I’m sure there will be many late nights, but we’ll make it. Good work everyone!






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