Open House 2017

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, one of our members had to go to a doctor’s appointment which resulted in no post on Monday. This weekend we hosted our first open house of 2017! What is open house you might ask? Open house is when we essentially “open” up our lab too all the prospective parents and students for American Heritage in order to convince them to pursue careers in STEM. At this open house we displayed all of our robots from the past, showing how our club and FRC has grown over the years. Its nice to see how we started 4 years ago with a simple basketball robot and have evolved with good and bad ideas since then. We have done things as crazy as making our robot a circle to things as simple as knocking over trash cans with varying degrees of success. People even got to see a working model of our robot this year! Our shooter was so strong that we got balls stuck in the trees. So when your stuck just shoot for the stars and sometimes you might get there literally. In terms of build season progress we have reached the point where we are going to build a second robot soon, so stay tuned there is plenty more building to come!

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