Our Mentors


The philosophy on which we operate our Robotics Engineering program, from a mentoring perspective, goes well beyond simply working on ways to further inspire our student team members. The approach we have taken is very focused on enabling problem solving learning skills by “doing.” As mentors, it is extremely important for us not to only share information, but always to challenge students to become true “Critical Thinkers,” then allow students to acquire “innovator” skills by trial and error; all while ensuring a total focus on professionalism along with lab & tool safety responsibilities.

If you think it, you can make it happen is one of the many philosophies that I personally work hard to ingrain into our students’ thought processes. While we always want to excel in competitive environments, our true responsibility as student mentors is to encourage, motivate, stimulate, and create a powerful environment for positive learning experiences. When this happens, students’ minds and motivations go into overdrive, and then there are no limits to how quickly they learn. Our environment is all about creating student growth by way of mentoring innovative thinking with a focus on strong student team work ethics.”

Mr. Massimo Salafia
Department Director
Robotics Engineering Program
American Heritage School

All of our Ninjineers Robotics Program Mentors share this same philosophy; always knowing that students learn more from gaining hands on experience and “Doing.” Enabling students to strengthen their critical thinking, innovation, teamwork, work ethics, and learning skills is something that will benefit them in all areas of life. Our approach is just an extension of the American Heritage School learning environment; something we as mentors are very proud to foster.

We have many mentors from several different organizations:

  • Massimo Salafia, director of the engineering lab at American Heritage School
  • Charles Martinez, assistant in the engineering lab at American Heritage School
  • Carmen Mendez, coach of the American Heritage LEGO Robotics Team
  • John Vermes, Physics teacher at American Heritage School
  • Subramanian Vishwanathan, Microsoft employee
  • Bill Brennan, Professional Robotic-Camera Engineer
  • John Gregor, All Dade Driveway
  • Tom Hill, Marketing

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