Shooter prototype!!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting! Unfortunately the annual robotics season flu has hit early this year 🙁

Regardless, yesterday was a pretty big day! We unveiled our new (and still improving) can crusher and will open it up for charity use next week. Special thanks to our enthusiastic dumpster divers- your cans paid off! 😛

More importantly, yesterday we completed our preliminary shooter prototype! I didn’t realize how much speed we could get off of it, but the ball is just flying. I’m having some technical difficulties, but I’ll ask Brian to post the video today. Take a look and let us know what you think! 🙂

Finally, Jeni in scouting has created some really cool info graphics for our game and team. She’s going to continue to do them weekly, so that’ll be another really awesome weekly feature you can look forward to on this blog!

Enjoy your weekend and Go Ninja Go! 🙂




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