Shooting Strategies

Hello today is going to be more of a unique posts. Below I will be discussing potential shooting strategies and zones. Hope you enjoy 🙂 If you want to more about strategy feel free to contact me.


Jonathan Mirchandani

This is the visual interpretation of the zones below.

    • Key Zone Shooter: Safest shots that can only be defended legally for 5 seconds. However the key zone will indefinitely take the longest time to get too out of all the zones.
    • Mid Shooter: A robot that is comfortable with shooting from the middle of the launch pad and can potentially be defended. This would be a good zone for a robot who wants to go to the gear lifter while also keeping a shooting aspect of the robot. This is also debatably one of the harder zones to defend due to the opponent not really being able to completely see you from their drive station.
    • Matrix Shooter: A robot that doesn’t shoot from the key zone but essentially a zone behind it, which can be defended but this would allow for faster gear lifter placement and less travel time.
    • Retrieval Zone Shooter: This would be a robot that would essentially be shooting from around the opponent’s retrieval zone (which is on your side of the field btw). The benefit of this would be it’s a straight path to your own retrieval zone while being able to grab any potential fuel your opponent may just dump. The massive negative is that this is where there will be a ton of robot traffic due to your opponent needing to get gears from their retrieval zone leading to lots of potential defense. Also very important you cannot contact an opponent’s robot when they are in their retrieval zone.
    • Longshot Shooter: This would be a robot that would be shooting as soon as they cross the Launchpad line. The obvious benefit too this would be very little travel time from wherever you decide to collect balls. The immediate negatives would be this is probably the hardest shot while also keeping you farther away from the gear lifters. On top of that if you shoot from the zone closer to the Retrieval Zone, you have to shoot over the airship along with dealing with potential robot traffic.

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