Hey everyone, we’re back from the dead.

Senioritis is so real, all I want to do nowadays is sleep.

Anyway, we’ve made some solid progress over the past two days. A lot of our vex stuff came in and Andrey hooked up our pneumatics to test all of the robot appendages. We tested out our autonomous strategy several times with different layouts, and the current design seems to have really consistent execution.

Also, the mecanum debate keeps coming up- balance vs. maneuverability, etc. but we basically decided to put them on and see how the robot moves. Hopefully it will remain balanced enough to strafe properly.

Finally, Damian made a beautiful spreadsheet for scouting this game that we’ll share on Chief Delphi soon. We’ve been working on adding some macros to create a simpler and more user friendly experience. It’s compatible with all versions of excel and totally gorgeous, if I may say so myself. Stay tuned!!

Sorry for the short post, I’m kind of limited on what I’m allowed to show and stay but you’ll get some proper updates and photos as soon as we start practicing- I promise :P.


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