Starting Fast

Oops, yesterday was only day 2 and I already neglected posting! Oh well, it was one of those days.


After our initial awesome success with prototyping on Monday, things began to slow down a lot yesterday. We figured out that our design probably wouldn’t fit in the base so we scrapped it and tried to move on.

The problem was that nothing after that really worked either. Cody tried used a pneumatic piston that ended up ejecting the ball about six inches (or maybe less). I worked with Bri on some weird feeder mechanism that ended up looking more like a lightsaber attached to a drill than anything else. Massimo tried to make our shooter vertical to save space.

After a hearty meal of chili (in the chilly weather) and a few odd jokes from Priyank, we got back into the lab and tried some shooter testing. Almost everything up to that point had been discouraging, and that turned out to be a let-down as well. So, we went back to the drawing board. Our original horizontal shooter was the best idea, but we needed the space on our base to implement it. After bouncing around a few ideas we arrived at the idea of a circular base. Break out your compasses, because now things are getting interesting.

Today we did some sketching and got to work back on the right track. But apparently sometimes, pencil sharpeners are hard to come by….





Cody built a new pneumatic kicker, which we added to a reinforced shooter. I worked with Prajesh on cutting out a full scale base, and thinking about the drivetrain. We’re kind of leaning toward a swerve drive, but it might not be worth it.

Anyway, our shooter worked great in the end today. Check out a teaser here. Today was a good day.


How is your robot coming along? What do you think about our designs? Let us know in the comments!



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