So apparently, the swerve drive is going to be more complicated to implement than we’d hoped…

A lot of parts need precise machining with tools we don’t have available to us, so hopefully we can outsource those in time.

However, the good news is that Brian finally got the CNC working continuously and cut 4 plates today! Yay!



My proudest accomplishment -Brian Richards

Also, the robot is starting to look really attractive (that wasn’t supposed to sound weird), with our nice polished finish courtesy of Cody. Even with the slightly unnecessary reinforced aluminum backing, it is still well under the weight limit, which is really reassuring.

The programmers continue to make slow and steady progress- hopefully they’ll have swerve turns figured out by the end of the week.

It’s nice to see the great turnout in the lab- we had a lot of people in and working today, so nice work! Brian unfortunately vetoed my idea for Pompeii being our season theme song (although if you’d like to hear Pompeii by Bastille in our reveal video, you can override him by commenting below ;P), but with a little help from Pandora, we did manage to wrap up the Chairman’s essay today and make substantial progress on the Woodie Flowers essay. Awards deadlines are frighteningly close and we’re really buckling down about now.

We also tried to attack the robot from different angles with the ball, but the defense and catching are on point. Our prototype’s unprecedented precision (as far as 2383 goes) really gives me high hopes for the coming season. Let us know how your prototypes are looking in the comments!

So, short post today! Thanks for reading as always 🙂 Also #teampompeii. XD


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