Team Management

Awards – Aditya Devendra
The Awards sub-division manages the awards submissions for each subsequent FIRST season. These students write and proofread submissions for the Woodie Flowers, Dean’s List, and Chairman’s award, among others.
Logistics – Sid Rath
The Logistics sub-division registers the team for competition events and coordinates details for lodging, transportation, meals, and entertainment on team trips. These students also organize logistics for community events and presentations.
Stand Scouting – Rahul Regula
The Stand-Scouting sub-division records data on competitors by researching other teams’ robots and recording data on every relevant match at the competitions. The data recorded by these students assists the robot drivers in match strategy and alliance selections.
Pit Scouting – Blake Perry
The Pit-Scouting sub-division interacts with all the other teams in the pit, as well as is the go to area for strategy on the fly. This division also manages details of other team’s robots such as their drive train and weight, for extra information not provided through stand scouting.